Benefits of Doc's Proplug
  • Prevents ear problems from excessive exposure to water and cold air
  • Children Keep them in their Ears
  • No putty to Put into Patient's Ear
  • They Float
  • Easily Cleaned and Long Lasting
  • Watertight seal keeps water out, let's voice in
  • Extra protection against eardrum rupture from impact
  • Designed by a surfing physician
  • Approved by ENT physicians
  • Takes only seconds to fit and no mess
  • Does not impact earwax
  • Available in 8 sizes for accurate fitting
  • Vented (w/ hole), allows equalization and better hearing & balance
  • Solid (w/o hole), also available when exposed to soap and shampoo
  • Softer, more comfortable than other brands
  • Available with a leash for open water use, and they float
  • Inexpensive, only $10 per pair with leash, $8 w/o leash
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Proplug Guarantee
If you're not satisfied with your DOC'S PROPLUG set, simply return the used plugs within 30 days of your purchase for your money back. Be sure to include your purchase receipt.