About Us:

International Aquatic Trades, Inc distributes Doc's Proplugs and are located in Santa Cruz, California. Doc's Proplugs are distributed to selected dive shops, surf shops, pharmacies, Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) specialists for purchase by consumers. You may also purchase Doc's Proplugs directly from IAT and speak with an experienced customer service representative to assist you with your questions concerning the Proplugs.

Since 1977, when we first created Doc's Proplugs, our patented design has been recognized by professionals and patients alike as having the most features in respect to comfort and protection. Compare Doc's Proplugs to any other earplugs and you'll see why it's the only one to us.


Robert "Doc" Scott, M.D. 
Dr. Scott, President and founder of Doc's Proplugs, resides in Santa Cruz, California. He is an avid surfer, swimmer, windsurfer, and free diver. He retired from general practice in 1985 and continues to conduct research on ear problems that affect people in water sports. His research led him to demonstrate the effects that water and exposure to cold have on the ear. His findings led to the invention of Doc's Proplugs. His studies have taken him all over the world. He was one of the first to propose that chilly conditions is the irritant causing exostosis, the bony growth found in water sports athletes. Exostosis is especially common in surfers and divers. Dr. Scott can often be found at world-class surfing events, trades shows, dive shows, and other water sport events offering free ear examinations. 

Brenda Scott-Rogers 

Daughter of Dr. Scott, Brenda is the owner and founder of International Aquatics Trade, Inc. and Hotline Wetsuits. She was the 1978 World Cup Surfing Champion and formerly rated 3rd in the world on the IPS (currently WSL) Pro Circuit!  Brenda resides in Hawaii and Santa Cruz and remains active in the sport.