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"Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS) sees some pretty unique injuries from veterans serving in Iraq & Afghanistan. Many of our service members have sustained head injuries & have had some minor issues with clearing their ears. Doc's Proplugs have been very beneficial to the population that we serve at SUDS. We have been using Doc's Proplugs for 4 years & they accompany us on every SUDS trip!" -John W. Thompson / SUDS President

Les Stroud's Video Blog - Fascinating video blog of Les Stroud's adventures in Borneo. At 1:57 on the video, Les give's Doc's Proplugs an unsolicited endorsement, "It is making diving, for me, possible." Thanks Les!

Medical Testimonials

Jeannie Miller: "I have 2 children, one 5 years old, and one just under 2. Both of my children have tubes in their ears. I am very thankful for the Proplugs. As a person, who also had tubes in my ears at a young age, I had to wear the uncomfortable over the counter plugs with a swimming cap. I was teased constantly. I'm glad my children will not have to go through that."

Diana Gatto: "My son has been benefiting from your product for over 6 years. I originally got a set for both of my sons when they both had tubes in their ears several years ago. Since then I have used them year round on my youngest son. He has had 10 operations involving his ears suffering from Colestitoma. He now has long term tubes in his ears to keep the air flowing and I am glad to report he has regained his hearing and is disease free for the first time in 10 years. He is only 12! He used you product in the shower as well as the pool and beach. Your product has enabled him to lead a normal life especially in the summer. Thank you for making such a terrific product. I recommend it to all of my friends. It has been instrumental in saving my son's hearing."

Ernie Arellano: "Five years ago I was having severe problems, water in my ear, ear infections, and Doc's Proplugs solved all my problems."

Scuba Diving Testimonials

Sarah Hoffman:
 "I became a certified scuba diver last year, and found that the more I dived, the more my ears hurt afterwards. My ears hurt for days after snorkeling too. When clearing my ears while diving, I would experience a very painful 'pinch' which I was afraid was going to do some lasting damage to my hearing. I had finally found a hobby I was passionate about, and thought I would have to give it up! I read about the Proplugs in a diving magazine and decided they were definitely worth a try. They stayed in my ears well, I could hear just fine due to the tiny hole for this purpose, and would basically forget that I was wearing them, except for when I thought about how easy it now was to clear my ears!"

Susheel J. Kurien: "I've just come back from a vacation in the Dominican Republic that included some diving in Sosua Bay. I've had a lot of trouble equalizing in the past and have often had to deal with MEB (middle ear barotrauma), characterized by nosebleeds and more when surfacing. I bought a pair of your vented proplugs and tried them out this time and was pleasantly surprised that my first dive with them was painless and very comfortable. This seems like a great product that more people need to know about."

Mark Zurl: "My name is Mark Zurl. As an avid technical diver, I can only say that Proplugs have allowed me to continue to enjoy my favorite hobby when a ruptured eardrum threatened to take me out of the water forever. I tore a hole in my left eardrum. This unfortunate accident occurred when I jumped off the back of a dive vessel in an attempt to dive a deep shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean. Shortly after descent from the surface, I experienced total vertigo as cold water entered my inner left ear. Approximately one month after this incident and my return to scuba, I was disappointed to discover my ear, although healed, would never be the same. It was then suggested by a friend and charter boat captain that I try Doc's Proplugs. I reluctantly took his advice, but was convinced they would never work. What I discovered was that Doc's Proplugs was the solution I was looking for. In fact today, I will no longer enter the water without them. Doc's Proplugs are the reason that I can continue to enjoy my favorite hobby of diving the deep wrecks of South Florida. And, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for such simple solution for my injury."

Karen Edwards: "I can't tell you how much Proplugs have changed diving for me. After many years of diving, I had seriously considered giving up the sport. Every single time I went on a diving trip I experienced an ear infection. Like clockwork, 3 days into my trip I was finding the nearest emergency clinic, getting radical antibiotics, treating a thrush infection in my mouth, and hoping I could salvage the rest of my trip. It happened every single time and even my dive buddy asked me if I really thought diving was worth the torture.

Then I was at the LA Scuba show and stopped by the Proplugs booth. I bought a pair and truthfully thought "Oh ya! Right! These will be gone with the first stride off the boat, but for 10 bucks I'll try anything once." Not only did the Proplugs stay put, but for the first time in 8 years, I got to spend 3 weeks on Maui diving and not being sick. I have done about 30 dives since then and not one ear infection, no sore throat, and still on the first pair of plugs. I panicked after the first trip and bought 4 more pair so that I would never be without them. I can't tell you how great they are!

I have absolutely no trouble equalizing and I have never had one come out! Everyone can't believe the difference and I hope you will know how much Proplugs have changed diving for me. I would recommend them for anyone and everyone that has an issue with water in their ears. Thanks so much, they're awesome!"

David M. Eastman: 
"I do not believe I would be diving if they were not available"

Robyn Marchini: 
"I was having a lot of trouble ascending. I would almost blackout, even coming up from a 30' dive. The vertigo was overwhelming. I did some research online and found Doc's Proplugs. Since using them I have not had any trouble ascending. I also appreciate all of the sizes they offer to help find the perfect fit."

Janet Nichols:
 "I had several people recommend Doc's Proplugs to me because I was having trouble equalizing, when I tried them they were wonderful and I have recommended them to several people in our shop and they all enjoyed them and are wearing them as well."

Didi Flores:
 "I have been a free-diver, seriously competing for the last 4 years, and (Doc's Proplugs) makes equalizing so easy, in almost any water temperature, if its cold or warm water, and it also helps keep from getting ear infections, so I swear by Doc's Proplugs."

Mary Fritz:
 "I have been using Doc's Proplugs for years now, and I love them. I can't think of any other way of diving except for having Doc's Proplugs on, they're great!"

Laura Smith:
 "I dove with Doc's Proplugs and they really help my ears because normally when I go down diving deep, its hard for me to clear my ears and with the plugs it helped me keep my Eustachian tubes open better so that I didn't have the swelling in my ears that I would have when I dive deep. And so I didnt have pain when I was trying to do on land traveling after I had dove for 7 days. With Doc's Proplugs I didnt have the swelling I would normally have on repetitive deep dives."

Bill Clark:
 "As I was learning to dive with my dive classes I had multiple problems with my ear, every time I would get out of the water a day or two later, I would get an ear infection. I went to three specialists to find out why I can't dive and they told me I just can't dive because I have a problem. I discovered Doc's Proplugs and I tell you what they have been a lifesaver for me, I have been able to dive for ten years now since I got Doc's Proplugs. They have been just a fabulous thing for me. I swear by them, I have 3 sets in my dive gear and I keep them all the time."

Edie Walker:
 "I am a firm believer and user of Doc's Proplugs from the first time I ever used them I knew I found something cool I have 1 pair in my dive gear, 2 pair in a save a dive kit. When I am on a week long trip and it is into the fifteenth or twentieth dive and I feel like I might need them, they make all the difference in the world wether or not I can get down or whether I struggle to get down. I would not go on a trip without my Doc's Proplugs."

Tom Beuthin:
 "I've been using Doc's Proplugs for over ten years. I think its a great product. It really helps me equalize and I recommend them to anybody."

Freediving Testimonial
“Equalization is the most important aspect of my technique. I first started using the PROPLUGS to protect my ears during the long pool sessions that are part of my training. They worked so well at
elimination my frequent ear infections that I decided to try them in the ocean. The vented PROPLUGS kept excess water out of my ears and I made a surprising discovery: they also helped me equalize easier at any depth! In September 1998, while making a world record dive in Italy, I wore the PROPLUGS down to 220 feet with no problem. Thanks for such an easy to use and efficient product!”
Tanya Streeter,
World Freediving Champion

Surfing/Swimming Testimonials

"Doc's Proplugs work really well, I have been wearing them for two weeks now, and they have not fallen out once. And my ear holes are dry after getting out of the water.

They have a small hole in each plug as wel,l so balance is not hindered to badly ( And it means you can chat to your mates in the water)."

'Ratboy' Collins - (Pro Surfer)
 "Doc's Proplugs are crucial for surfing. I've been using them for 10 years and I never go into the water without them. Without Proplugs you will develop surfers ear and then need your ears to be drilled."

Dennis Barube:
 "I've been using Doc's Proplugs since the Doc invented (them), I use them for scuba diving, swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing you name it. Before I used Doc's Proplugs I was using little foam plugs, I would go see my ENT doctor once or twice a month. Since I started using Doc's Proplugs, I have never see the ENT. It's just a great product."

Brad Lally:
 "I first used Doc's Proplugs several years ago, I love 'em, they stay in in heavy surf and I take them out every time."

Sound Protection Testimonials

B. Jamison, DDS
 "As a dentist, I am exposed to high frequency noises all day long. Knowing that this exposure will cause permanent and premature hearing loss I needed something that could prevent this. Doc's Proplugs was the answer. Using the vented Proplug's, it removes that high pitched noise that can cause so much damage to your ears, yet since it is vented, I can carry on conversations with my staff and patients wth no problem at all. Furthermore, by being manufactured out of a rubberized material they are easy to keep clean, are very comfortable, and are clear (they can be colored if desired) so no one can really tell you're wearing them. Thanks again Doc!!"

"As a ten year user of Proplugs to keep out the loud sounds, the tinitis in my left ear has actually improved."